Culture at ArtGen

The artsy approach to designing these unique office buildings is obvious at first sight. The inside of the office buildings serves also as a gallery that comes to life with exhibitions, vernissages and shows of Czech and foreign artists. At ArtGen you are likely to meet artists such as Jakub Berdych, sculptors like Jan Novotný, painters like Jan Uldrych or fashion designers such as Eva Brzáková. Stop by for some inspiration brought to you by New Gallery.

Exhibitions at the front desk

In cooperation with New Gallery an unusual art space emerged by the ArtGen buidling's front desks. Paintings, sculptures, video installations or artistic happenings of Czech and foreign authors of the youngest generation meet with the works of established personas of the art scene.

Open-air gallery

The courtyard connecting the Art and Gen building is a vivacious space, where you'll love to sit down for a cup of coffee, listen to a poem or examine the outdoor sculptural exposition.

New gallery at ArtGen

At ArtGen, we are not limited by typical gallery spaces, which give us a huge variety of custodian possibilities – projects of famous authors meet projects of new promising talents. The core lies in the front desk exhibitions, where we present mostly 2D paintings, photographs and other visual art. The courtyard connecting the 2 buildings in ideal for presenting sculptures and statues.

a Tour

Visit our showroom and have a cup of coffee while we guide you through the future of your business. V souvislosti s přístupem na Stránky nejste povinni poskytnout společnosti své osobní údaje, ani např. elektronickou adresu. Pokud při případné komunikaci mezi Vámi a společností získá společnost z povahy věci Vaše kontaktní údaje, pak je společnost nepoužije k jinému účelu, než k případné komunikaci s Vámi.